Environmental Education for Educators (3E)
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Information on sustainable use and management of water:




Lesson plans and information for teachers and students on water issues available at Environmental Protection Agency's website


Information on water issues from KIDZONE suitable for kids


Website information about the preciousness of water

Information on water issues for kids
Article regarding the Water Cycle
Information on Water Pollution
Guide/article to indoor and outdoor water conservation
Webpage with information on "How to teach junior not to waste water"
Webpage with information regarding drought/ drought safety
Comprehensive guide on home water conservation and Webpage on household water conservation tips
Webpages with information on Water conservation
Webpage article with information on Water Saving in an RV (Recreational Vehicle)
Website article regarding conserving water during road trips
Webpage with Meat impact on Water Footprint
Webpage with information on water consumption in toilets
Webpage with Global Water Waste statistics
Article on How Water Conservation Saves Energy and Reduces Greenhouse Gas
* Some of the links in these websites may lead to the same external pages.
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