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Frederick Research Center

The Frederick Research Center (FRC), which is a leading non-profit research organisation in Cyprus. It operates at a three-story, privately owned building, covering an area of 2000 square meters and contains an up-to-date laboratory, as well as a library with access to international scientific journal databases. FRC was established in 1995 and its main goals are:

  • to promote scientific research and science in general and to undertake and conduct research of basic, theoretical and applied nature in any domain,

  • to offer consulting services to individuals, business, organisations and the government,

  • to coordinate and participate in research projects and

  • to establish collaborations with other national and international research centres and universities for promoting research.

Furthermore, among the main aims of the centre is to support (financially or otherwise) students and researchers as well as support the publication of books, reports and periodicals. To this end, the centre publishes the Cyprus Journal of Science and Technology, which has a broad interdisciplinary scope and is published biannually.

FRC is the first institution in Cyprus to have dealt with biodiversity conservation issues and natural resources management in Cyprus, through the establishment of the Nature Conservation Unit (NCU) in 2005. In the recent years, through the NCU, members of FRC have been participating in over 25 projects dealing with biodiversity conservation, ecologically important sites management (e.g. Natura 2000 sites) and management and monitoring of endemic, rare and threatened plant and animal species in Cyprus. Through these projects, the Centre has access to modern research infrastructure, both for laboratory work and fieldwork.

Project Coordinator: Dr. Costas Kadis

Post-Doctoral Fellow (Principal investigator): Dr. Nicolas-George Eliades

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