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Innovation and Originality

The Project
Innovation and Originality

The originality of this project is that for the first time a number of different data sets will be gathered (genes diversity, morphological-anatomical traits, ecological indexes) for assessing the adaptation and adaptedness of an endemic tree species (C. brevifolia) of Cyprus flora. The innovation is that, through diagrammatic summaries (models) describing and correlating datasets, a sustainable management and conservation strategy will be developed for an important endemic species of Cyprus flora.

The dataset of this project will be added to the data pool of international bibliography, in order to formulate a more detailed view on the phylogeographic dispersal routes of Cedrus in the east Mediterranean Basin (large-scale analysis). Hence, the project will indirectly contribute towards identifying the migration route of C. brevifolia to Cyprus. The knowledge gained will also be used for taxonomic classification of the cedar species, thus clarifying the conflicting results from genetic (from neutral and non-coding regions) and morphological classifications. Regarding genetic aspects, this project will address how the evolutionary factors (and Mendelian genetics) influence high diversity in narrow endemic species and their adaptability to environmental and anthropogenic impacts.

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