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Work Package 1

Work Packages
WP1: Project Management

This WP focuses on the effective administration and proper implementation of the project. This WP aimed to define the procedures for data exchange among the consortium members and for preparing the required reports. A Scientific Committee consisting of representatives of all partners was established for the effective monitoring of the project. In addition, this committee is the corresponding body for providing scientific and technical support to the major decisions of the project. Finally, under this WP the regular reports (a total of six) will be prepared for the project
's progress control by the RPF.

Three deliverables (D) are the outcomes of this WP:
D1: Project Management Manual.
D2: Six Progress Reports: Four 6-month Reports (6th, 12th, 24th, 30th month of the project), Interim Report and Final Report.
D3: Four reports, one for each of the YR's visits to the Partner Organisations abroad.

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