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Work Package 2

Work Packages
WP2: Dissemination of Results

For the effective dissemination and exploitation of the project's results in Cyprus and abroad, a strategic plan has been designed, which includes:

  • Presentations of the project in international scientific conferences.

  • Publications of the project's outcomes in international scientific journals.

  • A one-day workshop for the presentation of results organised in Cyprus at the end of the project, open to all interested parties.

  • Activities for public awareness, such as a presentation of the project at a local TV channel, press releases on the websites of FRC and in printed media.

In general, this WP aims to disseminate the project
's objectives, results and outcomes, to a large and diverse audience, including individuals from the international scientific committee.

Five deliverables (D) are the outcomes of this WP:
D4: Submission of three publications to international journals.
D5: Presentations at least in two international scientific conferences.
D6: Report on the One-day workshop organized at the FRC at the end of the project, including the Workshop
's Agenda and List of Participants.
D7: One TV program at a local TV channel.
D8: Update of the FRC website with press releases related to the project. Dissemination of the press releases (three) to the press media.

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