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Work Package 3

Work Packages
WP3: Bibliographic Review and Data Collection

The third WP focuses on collecting supplementary literature information needed for the project's implementation. The literature review focuses on gathering further information and relevant references on:

  • Existing candidate genes (adaptive genes for conifers), as these are found in scientific articles and GenBank.

  • Phenotypic and functional processes affecting candidate genes (which will be tested in this project).

  • Historical and environmental data regarding the wider distribution area of C. brevifolia.

  • Scenarios for climate change in Cyprus by the end of the 21 st century.

  • Data (non-fieldwork) needed for the creation of maps which illustrate the patterns of gene diversity in space.

In addition, this WP includes the office (non-fieldwork) data needed in order to carry out the project's aims. Also, this WP includes a search for the most appropriate equipment to be used for environmental data collection.

The deliverables (D) from this WP are two:
D9: Report of genes which will be tested in this project, responsible for phenotypic characteristics and physiological functions.
D10: Report on the creation of a Database including alternatives for the equipment to be used for environmental data collection (e.g. model, technical characteristics).

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