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Work Package 4

Work Packages
WP4: Fieldwork - Sampling of Plant Material and Environmental Data

A significant part of the project is the fieldtrip work, which is described in this WP. Fieldrip work includes the collection of all data (materials) from the field, needed for performing the necessary analyses of the project. Fieldwork includes establishing sampling surfaces in the field:these surfaces cover the whole natural distribution area of Cyprus cedar and different ecological niches as well. From each surface plant tissues will be collected from a significant number of trees: (i) needles for DNA isolation and assessment of gene diversity and (ii) branches and cones for morphological / anatomical traits divergence assessment. For each tree, the geographical coordinates, DBH and ecological characteristics (i.e. dominant tree, habitat type, orientation, etc) will be recorded.

In addition, through this WP, a number of digital environmental sensors and data loggers will be established for meteorological data collecting. Soil profiles from different locations within the natural population of Cyprus cedar will also be sampled. The digital environmental sensors system records, on a daily basis,  air and soil temperatures, as well as air and soil humidity. The soil profiles collection will be recorded for examining the possible micro-environmental soil differentiation at different sites of C. brevifolia. Sampling of soil profiles will be done based on FAO (2006) and Biosoil (2006).

This WP has two deliverables (D) which are:
D11: Report on the creation of a database with the ID number, the coordinates and the characteristics of each sampled individual.
D12: Report on the creation of a database with the description of each of the sampled soil profile.

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