Work Package 8 - Genocedar

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Work Package 8

Work Packages
WP8: Final Processing of Data and Proposal for Conservation

Combining the results from each of the above work packages (WP5 - WP7) is crucial for the project's final scientific conclusion. In this work package, grouping of patterns of different data will be described for each data set, while diagrammatic summaries (models) will be done for describing and correlating the different data sets. In addition, short- and long-term genetic resources conservation strategies will be proposed for the sustainable management of the species, both in-situ and ex-situ. Finally, maps will be prepared, including the exact distributional area of the Cyprus cedar and the patterns of gene diversity. Extracted results will then be applied on WP2 for the projects results dissemination.

Although that most of the outcomes from this WP will be presented through the deliverables of WP2, two deliverables are also included under this WP:
D17: Report on the creation of digital maps (.jpeg) for illustration of gene diversity in the space.
D18: Report with the conclusions and the conservation strategy proposal.

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