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The village of Asgata is located at the most eastern side of the district of Limassol, 26 Km away from the city, and is built in the middle of a valley 190 m high.

Many trees such as olive trees, almond trees, fruit trees, orange trees, vineyards as well as pulses and vegetables are cultivated at the soils of the village.

From 1939 until 1965, Asgata flourished in many sectors and "presented the picture of a small town". It must be noted that its population tripled during this time. The prosperity of Asgata is indicated in the magazine published by the Association of Asgatans in America.

The mines of Asgata, known as Kalavassos mines, operated from time to time, from antiquity until 1978. Archaeological researches have shown that the process of metals took place at the mine. This indicated by traces of rust and the big kilns of the mines found at the archaeological site. It is worth mentioning that "local timber" was used for the mine firing kilns.

Costas Pyrros is one of the biggest benefactors of Asgata. Being an emigrant in the USA, he was one of the founding members of the American Association of Asgata Residents, and as a president of the Association he envisaged a library and a playground for the children of his village. To accomplish his vision, he bought several pieces of land. When he passed away in 1965, through his will, he donated the land along with a sum of money to the village. In 1988, the Association of Expatriates of Cyprus and the Association of Expatriates of America, in cooperation with the community and other competent state services, undertook the completion of his vision.

from the Asgata village official website

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