Establishment of a Plant Micro-reserve Netwrok in Cyprus for the Conservation of Priority Species and Habitats

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D) Public awareness and dissemination of results

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D1: Information campaign, organisation of workshops, seminars and conferences, production of information material

The activities included in this Action aim at providing information and promoting the active involvement of all stakeholders in the project. The activities will focus on the following target groups: Government authorities, local authorities and local people, students of local schools and eco-schools, youth centres of the villages involved, tourists and local visitors, tour operators, hoteliers, the Cyprus Tourist Organisation, the Union of agro-tourism enterprises, the relevant NGOs and the media.

The following activities are envisaged as part of this action:

1. Ten notice boards describing the project will be established at strategic places accessible to the public (January 2011).

2. Participatory rural appraisals and local workshops. Four such events took place during the beginning phase of the project at the communities neighbouring the plant micro-reserves.

3. Tourism workshop. A one-day seminar will take place to inform tour-operators, ecotourism guides, and environmental non-governmental organisations about the objectives of the project, the important plant biodiversity of the area and possibilities for ecological tourism (January 2011).

4. Youth competition. One competition for the youth (aged 13-17) of Cyprus will be announced through the main national newspapers (September 2011).

5. Bicommunal workshop. A bicommunal workshop will be organised, where Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot experts in this field will be invited to participateNThe workshop will be organised by October 2011 and it is expected to attract at least 50 experts.

6. Media coverage: During the whole project and especially after the end of each project phase, the project activities and outputs will be promoted through the media by 3 press releases, 3 TV and 2 radio broadcasts and 3 articles in the newspapers/magazines.

7. Information material: Leaflets, posters, DVD and newsletters.

8. Final info day: A final info-day will be organised by FEEOC after the completion of the project activities, where the final project outcomes will be presented (June 2013).

Expected results:

The main results of this action will be:

- Ten notice boards describing the project: Five within the micro-reserves (one in each micro-reserve) and five in the neighbouring inhabited places
- Four participatory rural appraisals and local workshops
- One tourism workshop
- One youth competition
- One bicommunal workshop
- Media coverage: 3 press releases, 5 TV/radio broadcasts, 3 articles in the newspapers/magazines
- Three newsletters
- Leaflets: in Greek, English and Turkish
- 500 Posters
- Final info day

D2: Technical publications, website development, CD-ROM production, Layman's report

This Action focuses on the presentation and publication of the scientific data and the results that will arise from the project. For the better presentation and dissemination of the project's results, a technical publication, a web site, a CD-ROM and a Layman's report will be produced.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, dissemination of the project's results will be promoted through the participation in scientific conferences with oral/poster presentations as well as scientific publications to volumes of proceedings and peer reviewed scientific journals.

Expected results:

- Technical/Scientific Publication of the Project
- Web site development
- All-inclusive project activities CD-ROM
- Layman's report
- Three presentations in international conferences

D3: Operation of Information Centres within three Botanical Gardens

This Action focuses on the operation of Information Centres within three Botanical Gardens (Troodos Botanical Garden, Athalassa Botanical Garden, Botanical Garden of Akamas) owned by the FD, for the promotion of people awareness about conservation values, the objectives of the project and the importance of the targeted species. The Information Centres in the three existing Botanical Gardens will operate by December 2011.

The main objectives of these Botanical Gardens are:

- to promote education and research in related fields (e.g. the flora of Cyprus, taxonomy etc.).
- to promote environmental awareness.
- to upgrade the aesthetic value of the areas, where they are situated.
- to enrich the tourist product of Cyprus as well as the opportunities for recreation activities in the three National Forest Parks.
- to contribute towards the
ex situ conservation of rare and threatened plants of Cyprus.

Expected results:

The new information centres within the three existing Botanical Gardens will be the main deliverable of this action. Demonstration activities can start immediately after the establishment of the centres.

D4: Preparation and publication of a book on PMR experiences

This action aims at publishing a book which will present the knowledge and experience that has been accumulated during the last 15 years from successful PMRs projects. The book will present scientific information and best practices on effective conservation management measures developed within PMRs in several European countries. The contribution of scientists who led PMRs projects in other European countries will be sought. The book will be published at the final stages of the project (May 2013) so that it will include the experiences accumulated through this project as well.

To promote a more wide distribution, the book will simultaneously have:
1) An e-book version in PDF format, available at the project internet site. This option ensures the international distribution without additional cost.
2) A CD version, containing the e-book.

Expected results:

The main result of this action will be a book presenting the knowledge and experience accumulated through the implementation of the PMR approach in several European countries, including Cyprus. This book is expected to become the reference publication for the planning, establishment and management of PMRs.

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