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Mitsero is a village of the Nicosia district with an immiscibly Greek population. It is located south-west of Nicosia and at a distance of 28 Km from it. The village is situated about 5 Km from the junction of the new Pitsilia -- Palaichori road with the road to Agrokipia -- Agios Panteleimonas. It is built at an average altitude of 390 m.

Ever since the first population census was carried out by the British administration in 1881, the village has a steady increase of population. In 1952 the operation of the mines started and as a consequence the population increased, almost doubling. Many workers from all over Cyprus came along with their families so as to work (as also several Turkish-Cypriots and Greek men from the mainland Greece). It is due to this fact that -when it comes to someone who is seeking a job -the proverbial phrase "eshi kouspon sto Mitsero" (loosely translated "there's pick-axe work in Mitsero") was established.

There are all sorts of terrain in Mitsero. Red soils, white soils, and mixed terrain. They are rich in minerals (gold, copper, and fool's gold).

Apart from the "Adelfi" forest and the nearby private forest, there are no other wooded areas within or outside the village.

The wider area of Mitsero, doesn't have many fertile fields. Nevertheless, it has a very rich vegetation and abundant chase. The rivers would flow both Winter and Summer until 1955-56.

Wheat, barley, and fodder (hay) are cultivated on a small scale. There are also a few citrus-trees, various fruit-trees, a few vegetables and legumes (French peas, broad beans). Also, there are greenhouses in which flowers are grown and -lately -the systematic cultivation of pharmaceutical and aromatic plants was started by a natural cosmetics factory.

Stock-breeding is almost non-existent. There is a cow-farm and three small flocks of goats and sheep in the Stockbreeding Zone outside the village.

from the Mitsero village official website

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