Establishment of a Plant Micro-reserve Netwrok in Cyprus for the Conservation of Priority Species and Habitats

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It is a newly established municipality within the Paphos district, which achieved municipal status in 1994. Pegeia is recognised as one of the largest municipalities in Cyprus (geographically), as it covers an area of 4,552 ha. Its administrative rule reaches as far as Cape Lara in the north and the Potimon estate and Mavrokolimpos Dam in the south.

Pegeia is located just 15 Km from the centre of Paphos, and close to the beautiful Akamas Peninsula, it is made up of not only local but also foreign inhabitants. The village is rooted in the slopes of a mountain and built at a height of 200 m, having an enviable, panoramic view of the island's western coastline and of the centre of Paphos. Moreover, the combination of mountain and sea with the region's mild climate provide the area an incomparable asset.

There are cultivations of banana trees and citrus trees, vineyards and walnut trees, carob trees and olive groves. There are also various types of vegetable being cultivated in the region, which include potatoes, watermelons, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and artichokes. The small national forest Meleti, as well a large part of the national forest of Pegeia fall under the village's administrative rule. These unique brushstrokes of nature are not only enlivening for the area's inhabitants, but also paint a picture of calm.

Most inhabitants work in tourism, a field closely followed in popularity by that of agriculture and livestock breeding. The region's banana plantation was estimated in 1985 as covering 119 ha and is not only the largest in the province of Paphos, but in the whole of Cyprus. As well as agriculture, livestock breeding was hugely developed, specifically sheep and goat breeding. In 1985, 2,073 goats, 2,832 sheep, 60 pigs and 1,690 chickens were being reared. Today, however, a greater emphasis is placed on tourism and on offering relevant services. Thanks to the beautiful, green location, stunning beaches and notable archaeological sites, Pegeia's tourist industry has greatly developed in recent years. The main tourist activity is centred around the Coral Bay area.

from the Pegeia village official website

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