Establishment of a Plant Micro-reserve Netwrok in Cyprus for the Conservation of Priority Species and Habitats

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Scrub and low forest vegetation of Quercus alnifolia

Scrub and low forest vegetation of
Quercus alnifolia, *9390

Conservation status: -
Protection status: 92/43/EEC Directive (Annex I - priority habitat)

Scrub and low forest vegetation of
Quercus alnifolia is a priority habitat type, endemic to Cyprus. The site KOILADA KEDRON - KAMPOS hosts some of the most representative stands of *9390 habitat type, which are characterised by their very good conservation status. The proposed plant micro-reserve will target a considerable part of the area which is covered by this habitat type. Moreover, some of the active conservation measures that will be proved successful through this project could be implemented in other areas of the same or other Natura 2000 sites, which host the same habitat type.

1. Recreation activities and disturbance of natural habitats (tourist excursions on all terrain vehicles, trampling and waste dumping).
2. Limited public awareness.

Quercus alnifolia Poech

Conservation status: -
Protection status: -

Evergreen shrub, or rarely a small tree 2-4 (-10) m high. Endemic to Cyprus. It forms extensive forests over the entire Troodos range, either in pure stands, or in mixture with
Arbutus andrachne or as an understorey in pine stands. Very common in the Paphos, Troodos, Adelphi, Limassol and Makheras forests.

Flowering period: April - May
Fruiting period: May - December

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