Genetics Laboratory


Genetics Laboratory

NCU has established the Genetics Laboratory, adopting the contemporary approach that genetic investigations are used as powerful tools for developing conservation strategies at population and species level, as well as that genetic resources conservation creates the need for increasing the knowledge on evolution and evolutionary processes. The Genetics Laboratory was established in 2010 and it is equipped with modern research infrastructure. It has participated successfully in a number of research projects dealing with a broad spectrum of activities focusing on the assessment of species and/or population genetic diversity (at DNA, gene, RNA and protein level). The NCU’s Genetics Laboratory is the first laboratory in the Cypriot academic system to deal with issues relating to conservation of genetic resources of the endemic, rare and threatened plants of the island.

An indicative list of the equipment available at the laboratory is provided below:
1. Mill for low- to medium-throughput sample disruption for molecular analysis.
2. Cell storage system (90 L).
3. Fully automated sample prep using spin-column kits (Extraction / Purification of DNA, RNA, or proteins).
4. Centrifuge - cooling and micro-centrifuge.
5. Horizontal electrophoresis system & UV gel documentation.
6. Two freezers (min temperature -40°C and -80°C, respectively).
7. Electronic microscope.

NB: Part of the Laboratory's equipment was donated by the UNDP-ACT (United Nations Development Programme - Action for Cooperation and Trust).

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