Establishment of a Plant Micro-reserve Netwrok in Cyprus for the Conservation of Priority Species and Habitats

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Cedrus brevifolia forests

Targeted species and habitats

Cedrus brevifolia forests (Cedrosetum brevifoliae), *9590

Evergreen coniferous tree that can reach up to 30 m.

This species exists only in Cyprus (Cyprus endemic species) and limited to the Tripylos area (Cedars valley), in the Paphos forest.

It grows at altitudes from 900 to 1400 m. It is a long-lived tree that can reach up to the age of 500 years-old.

The Cedar of Cyprus is one of the four Cedar species in the world.

The wood is resistant to decay and infestation by insects and fungi.

In the past, local people used to place pieces of Cedar's wood inside their lockers in order to protect the clothes from insects. Cedar's wood was also used for the construction of many wooden artifacts in old churches.

In ancient times, the Cyprus Cedar was reported by Theophrastus and Pliny as an important forest tree of that period. There are also reports of the Cedar and its wood in the Bible.

The Cedar forest is included in Annex I of Directive 92/43/EEC and it is considered as a priority habitat.


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