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A Rounder Sense of Purpose (RSP)

Funding Agency: European Commission (Erasmus+).

Host organisation: University of Gloucestershire (UK).

Partners: Frederick University (CY);
KUTATO TANAROK ORSZAGOS SZOVETSEGE (HU); Italian Association for Sustainability Science (IT); HZ University of Applied Sciences (NL); Tallinn University (EE).

Project's Main Objective: This project proposes to bring together a small group of committed institutions in order to achieve the following shared objectives:
1. Develop an accreditation model that teacher educators can use in any European context so that pre-service educators can demonstrate their competence in ESD through a widely-recognised model of accreditation (endorsed by UNECE)
2. Develop and disseminate tools and guidelines to help teacher educators and others in the non-formal and informal sectors to work with the UNECE ESD competences in a concrete, measurable manner
3. Enhance mainstream educator training programmes with a wider set of competences that will more accurately reflect the role of formal education in supporting smart, sustainable and inclusive economic development
4. Increase the capacity of participating institution

5. Conduct research into the impact of engagement with the competence framework on pre-service teachers; this will be shared through peer-reviewed papers and the European Conference of Educational Research among others.

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